Sigiriya was always known to the Sinhalese, they always went there, but during the epidemic periods of malaria and the Magha invasions during the  Dambedeniya  period, it was neglected. The  ancient Sinhalese  writing on the rocks first[ There is one inscription of a Prostitute donating a cave along with a businessman who dealt in siyabala [ Tamarind] of perhaps 1 Cent BC]  and many after the Mirror wall was built by  Kasayapa 6 Cent AD , is evidence they of their visits from the 7-10 Cent AD. The evolution of sinhala script from 6 cent to 10 Cent is seen on the wall.PERHAPS the stairway collapsed and was never repaired after that  the 10 cent AD and the visits o the top of the rock ceased.
These short poems over 1500 of them is of the highest poetic value and written by Kings, Priests, ladies and smiths or craftsmen .some themes seemed to have been copied by British Poets.Fantastic appreciation of the Long Eyed ,Golden or Blue coloured lasses painted on the rock. The British officer was shown the location and taken up to the painting by a young Sinhala youth who  amoung many others who had visited the site and were bold enough to  climb up the rock. Perhaps the British came to know for the first time may be correct, but if it was mentioned in the Mahawansa and little is said to be written as the the priest of teh Mahavihare who wrote the Mahavansa . did not have much regard to the builder King Kasayapa because of the killing of  his father Datusena,

The Sri lankan had  the technology or theory of Buildings or Constructions  in the Vishvakramma or the Over-craftsmen of the Universe . the art perhaps the accumulated knowledge of ages.The Ideas, the beauty, rhythm, safety and proportions etc of any construction. This  is mentioned in building the Mahatupa during King Dutugemunu[ 2 Cent BC].

We had the The Iron or Steel producing technology of the highest quality which we even exported, and was required for the tools and equipment to do the job, many of these tools were dug up during excavations, We had skilled craftsmen like stone masons , brickworkers etc  who were  clans of them that came over from India as mentioned in Mahawansa many times along with Queens that came for Vijaya and then  with Sangamitta etc. This enriched these skilled trades that was already available here. Of course we had the required raw materials for this type of undertaking.

We also had the communication skills in the language or script and the Numerals for  calculations, The formulas or the maths  for calculation of most geometrical shapes  and that had no approximate value for Phi as did the west, our formulas were more accurate.We had the Gold, Silver and Copper for money and the financial part or the finance or funding  is very well explained by PARANAVITANE on Story of Sigiriya.This is also explained by Mahawansa authors on where and how these funding was obtained , not doing a Mahendran Scam, Actual figures of cost of labour and the budget is in Mahawansa to the nearest Million Silver  Kahapanas.
With all these we needed only leaders with vision and marshaling of these resources and talents available in the Island with out out sourcing them to China, our Kings and Princes and Nobles[ Kat Usabs – Kastriya nobles who did not think work or labour as menial ] all had to undergo a specified education absorbing all these subjects, including law, this is laid down in  Mahavansa  more than once]. They had two Got-abayas earlier to this Gota.Recently I obtained a Garnet Seal designed to be hung around the neck with ancient script in mirror image Abayaha[ Of Abaya]. may have been used to seal and authorize building contracts and payment etc.Inscribed Seals

To satisfy the Yahapalanaya type of individuals who also existed and had to be satisfied in them days too , accounting and auditing procedures are laid down and can be read today on many inscriptions, some as early as King Mahasen who may have used it to audit the account  while building the Jetawanarma , the biggest Brick building in the world, Looking at the coins finds it may be that of King Mahsen who issued the Lion and Dots Coins to pay his workers.


According to Paranavitane the first of a long series [of about over 30 types  Kalanadas of Gold of various denominations, which I have examined] were regulated for the building of Sigiriya,Seali Lion 19

It is a pity we have not shared this knowledge with the world, so they think these feats  out of this world or alien. Many of this is written down and I have enjoyed reading them and shared the salient points on my blog,


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