The Crimes and Punishment On Konduvattuvan Inscription[ Read]
a. Contravening a Royal Order 2 Akas of Gold

b.Offense of Abuse or Slandering 2 Akas of Gold

c.Offense of Assault 1 Kalanda of Gold

d.Belated Ploughing of Paddy Fields Kalandas of Gold

Self assessed Fines may be requested by Culprit be reviewed by Official of Inner Village, nothing in excess shall be paid.
Kautiliya The Arthsastra
According to Kautiliya Ancient Laws Causing Physical Injury is the most serious crime, causing deamge to property is less serious andVerble Injury the least serious,

In case of Verble Injury the fine varies Towards Superiors Double the fine, towards inferiors half the fine, toward wifes and others double the fine, in case diminished responsibility such as mistakes, intoxication or temporary loss of sense half the fine.similary is case of defamation is highest for Sarcastic defamation, example Lovely eye if blind and fine depends on the position of the person.If defamed is equal in status is about 12 panas and more than this if false or used sarcastically.The Fines Laid downin detail by Kautiliya depending the degree of Hurt etc, vary from 3 Panas to 24 Panas[ A Prostitute abusing a Client].Assaults means hurting or wounding
a. vary from 3 Pana to 24 panas to 48 Panas if Bleeding happen during assault.

b. Striking using weapons is 200 panas in a crime with passion and 800 Panas for Blinding and offences of such nature . For injuring the Penis or Testicle the punishment is same organ of culprit be cut off.

For Theft- The value of Item or animal Plus equal value is Panas.
Robbery with Violence as per Kuatiliya may vary from 12 to 500 Panas depending on the value of stolen goods.

Mutilations & Death penalty.

Mutilations, Death with out torture and with torture, death by a firing squad of Archers, impalement by drowning or burning depending on the crime is laid down but Monetary Fine in Lieu of Mutulation may vary from 54 Panas to a 1000 panas depending on Crime.

Having Sex with the Queen
A separate table of punishment for sexual offenses. Any man caught having sexual relations with the Queen shall be boiled alive and analyses in detail by Kautiliya in Arthsastra.

This same punishment was given during the time of King Kelanitissa time, the cause for the First Tsunami[ 1 Cent BC].


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