Vilaveva Inscription- A short Deed on Stone.

Vilaveva Ins–2 miles East of Anuradhapura-Trincomalee Rd 78 mile post -S.Paranavitane – Inscription of Ceylon Volume II Part I ,1983. Pl XXXI  No 65.

This is an important historical document of the 2 Cent AD, not only shows the Sinhala numerals for 4000 but also shows many interesting factors r-inforfcing the ancient manuscripts, which other wise would have been written of by present day classic scholars as copied from  Homer Illiad. I am attaching the description of the Dr S Paranavitane which explains all.

4000 on RI

A few remarks about the symbols on the inscription.


symbol for kahapana For the other two Sinhala Numeral please click Table of Sinhala Numerals


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