The Sihala Letter K

1.The letter K takes the form of a cross. The relative sizes of the vertical line varies with time and becomes longer and then the lines of  K begins to curve.

The earliest K is found on the potsherds found in layer of earth C 14 dated 500-600 BC during excavation of  Dr Shiran Deraniyagala. The k  found on cave inscription from the 2nd Cent BC to 7 Cent AD, published by Dr Saddhamangala Karunaratne in Epigraphia Zeylanica Special Volume VII,1984, is given next. The K on the Mirror Wall at Sigiriya in shown next, published by Dr S.Paranavitane.The 9th and 10th Cent AD  akshara K‘s is taken from Inscriptions of Ceylon Volume V of Dr Sirimal Ranwella,2001. Those of the 13-15 Cent AD are from the Waharakagoda Inscription.


3.By 1990 the total number of Inscription was 3339 of these 1440 were prior to 65 AD. Since then manu more has been discovered , in fact by 2000  Rev Methananda Ellawala on his own discovered over 300 inscriptions. I read in the papers that he has discoverwed many more in addition to what the Archelogical Dept has unearthed..


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