Pencil tracings of Seated Figure and Railed sWastika Coins from Akurugoda. Tissa.

Henry Parker in his book, ANCIENT CEYLON- first published  the Seated Figure and Railed Swastika Coin under


The Description given by him is under

No 36. 1.25 in. by 0.76 in. ; weight unknown.

Obv. Seated figure, turned f., with face to l. Two anklets on r. leg, and one or two on the other. The l. leg doubled under body ; r. leg hangs down from knee. The l. arm hangs down and hand rests on 1. thigh. The r. upper arm hangs down and fore-arm bends out horizontally. Hair-knot, or head-dress, or helmet extends at back of head. Raised work in front of face, some of it being part of an arched band that passes round and over head.

Rev;. Swastika, turned l. No bar below its base line. To 1.a symbol which may be the vase ; to r., a small symbol indistinct.

No 37. 1.20 in. by 0.82 in.; weight= 74 grains.

Obv. The die merely includes a sitting figure (? female) in the same posture as last. Two armlets on l. upper arm, and an anklet on L leg. Hand on r. holds a flower on its stem before the face. One bead above l. shoulder. A head-dress, or crown, or helmet on head, above which the die ended in a point.

Rev;. Opposed to Obv. Indistinct. Swastika, and symbol on r.

No 38. 1.09 in. by 0.62 in.; weight 4o grains.

Obv. Lower third of coin untouched by die. Seated figure (? female) in the same attitude, with one bangle on l. wrist, and two anklets on l. leg. The arm bent up near shoulder on right., and flower held at shoulder level. A bead on right  of head.

Rev. Opposed to Obv. Swastika turned 1., with thick base line.To 1., vase with three shoots ; to r., a symbol indefinable.

No 39. 1.21 in. by 0.71 in. ; weight unknown.

Obv;. Seated figure (? female) in same attitude, bangles on wrist, two armlets on i. upper arm, two anklets on l. leg, perhaps only one on r. leg. F-ore-arm on r. raised to shoulder level. The die did not include more.

Rev;. Very indistinct.

No 40. 1.24 in. by o.75 in.; Weight  unknown.

Obv. Seated figure in same attitude ; bead over left. Shoulder five nearly upright short lines below Left foot and calf, rising from a horizontal one which turns down on left  close to right foot, may indicate a seat or  throne. Hand raised to level of head on right.  A bead between left arm and waist.

Rev. Raised Swastika ‘ Vase to right with shoots each ending in a flower or leaf.

41. 1.31 in. by 0.74 in ; weight   unknown

Obv;. seated figure in same  attitude, but right  leg doubled under  body, and left  leg doubled under right  one. Two bangles  on left wrist, and one or two on right. one. A bead on each side of waist. Hand raised to shoulder level on right. A curved band seems to pass round head. Upright pole near left edge of coin, ends  invisible.

No 42. 1.50 in. by 0.79 in ; weight 74  grains.

Obv;. Seated figure with. Wider waist, in usual attitude. Hand on right, holds a flower  at shoulder level. A bar passes down from left knee and is then turned horizontally to right  toes ; it may represent the outer side of a throne, or the side of the dress-

Rev;. Opposed too Raised Swastika, turning left ,raised  from a waved base line, below which, and separated from it by a wide channel, is a straight horizontal band. To left., the vase with two round flowers or leaves above it.  An emblem to right, like a bull’s head looking downwards.


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