Numerals on Palu Makiccava Rock Inscription.

Palu Makiccava Rock Inscription.

This inscription is found on a rock which is acts as spill-water of a Tank [ Vava] in the jungle 120 yards to the north of the Anuradhapura Trincomalee highway, after traveling about 16 mile along it.This inscription like many others found in the Island ,has so much history of the Sinhalese attesting folk lore and ancient manuscripts.

The inscription is of King Gajabahu [ 173-195 AD ] and names his father Vankanasika Tissa[170-173]and his grandfather King Vahaba[126-170 AD]. It mentions a tank named Vadamanaka now known as Palu-Makiccava. The Makiccava is Me- Kit-vava or Megha Kitti Vapi- Dr Paranavitane identifies this name with Me- Kit Na on the Minipe Inscriptions[EZ Volume V page 150] as the Minister who built the Dam across Mahaveli river. The King purchased this tank which may have been the private property of the Minister family for a sum of five thousand Kahapanas and donated it to the community of Bikkhus at Tubaraba [ Tuba- Araba= Stupa- arama or Thuparamaya, the first stupa to be built during  King Devanmpiyatissa[247-207 BC].

Tuparamaya -So called for the Stupa and Aramaya.

The sum of Five thousand kahapanas is Paca -saha Kahavana  in anient Sinhalese,  the symbol for Pana according to Dr Paranavitane is from Harappa script and is a square divided by a vertical and horizontal lines. The ancient Sinhala numeral for 5,000 is clearly seen with the Pana symbol are interspersed with in this legend. 

This is the largest Numeral found in the Island next to the  4470 kihara a land measure recorded at at Situlpavu Inscription, which is also a title deed granted to the Situlpavu Monastry.

A numerals for Five and for thousand  found here is compared with  similar ancient numerals found on other Sri Lankan  inscriptions is below,


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