A very interesting Inscription of at Kevulgama of King Sahasamalle [dated 10th October ,1200 AD  ] who took the title Sri Sangabo Kalinga Vijeyabahu. Contains Many item of interest.

  • the first it of a Gulpiti- But  who was injured or wounded due enemy actions[ WIA- Sastra prahara], while displaying Valour[ daskama] in protecting royalty was given a grant of land. He  Gulpiti But had a title of Pambul la Daruvan, which may be taken as ‘Trusty or Confidential Secretary’[ S Paranavitane], perhaps  an aide de camp[ ADC to the king].
  • This grant in stone is only valid after sealing of the document with a Signet Ring[ Mut has]. Hundreds of these seals engraved in stone which were attached to rings has been found.

WIA pg1

WIA pg2 The coins of King Sahassamalle is found in fair quantities, although he reigned only two years.

Another famous incident of WIA was when Prince Gemunu  facing Bhalluka at boundries of the Mahavihare in open battle. Bhalluka arrow was avoided by using his sword as cover. Then Pussadeva  who was seated immediatly behind the Prince on the elephant Kandula discharged his arrow  aimed at  Bhalluka. This arrow struck Bhalluka mouth and killed him, while passing the arrow wounded Prinec Gemunu. So the Prince was one on the earliest Kings recorded as a WIA.[ Mahawamsa]

Painting of Saman Kalubowila- Times Funday pages

Painting of Saman Kalubowila- Times Funday pages


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