The Battle of King Vijeya.

Arrival of 8 p 32[Mudliyar  Wijesinghe- Mahawansa- his grandson was Capt Lloyd Wijesinghe ex-SLASC] Appearance of  Dogs – 1,A quote  from the Mahawansa , Apperance of dogs indicate closeness to Human dwelling. Jungle warfare. The use of Surprise on Information received and the Type of Weapons used are factors that is of military interest.

One of (VIJAYA’s men) went after her[ Kuveni], although he was forbidden by the prince (for he thought),

‘Only where there is a village are dogs to be found.’.

2.. Weapon used.

And when they all did not return fear came upon VIJAYA; armed with the five weapons he set out, and when he beheld the beautiful pond,…………….

He lifted his sword in the right and cried: ‘Slave! give me back my men, or I slay thee!’

The five weapons are the Sword, The Spear, The Bow, The Battle Axe and the shield. The 5 weapons is also mentioned in Ch XXV p82 in battle with Balluka. These weapons are shown on the the Battle Flag of Last King of Kandy is shown below.



 3. Principles of warfare in Mahavansa.

Battle Sirivattha ch 8 p 33.-

The first battle of Vijeya is described as under. Here Vijeya used the following principle of War- The plan for  attack was based upon the Information he received from Kuveni and used a wedding night to attack and Destroy the Yakkshas[ Surprise].,

‘ As the night went on he heard the sounds of music and singing, and asked the yakkhini, who was lying near him: ‘What means this noise?’ And the yakkhini: ‘I will bestow kingship on my lord and all the yakkhas must be slain, for (else) the yakkhas will slay me, for it was through me that men have taken up their dwelling (in Lanka).’

And she said to the prince: ‘Here there is a yakkha-city called Sirisavatthu; the daughter of the chief of the yakkhas who dwells in the city of Lanka has been brought hither, and her mother is to come. And for the wedding there is high festival, lasting seven days; therefore there is this noise, for a great multitude is gathered together. Even to-day do thou destroy the yakkhas, for afterwards it will no longer be possible.’


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