Letter M

1. The Ma found on very early Sinhala inscription is different to those of the Asokan script. The early Ma was used on the inscriptions of Devenampiyatissa a contempory of Asoka.It takes the form of Tabula form of a English letter U with a cross bar extending between the two vertical line. The later Sinhala Ma takes the shape of Asokan Ma , which develops through the ages into the present Ma. A similar Ma is shown on an early coin like object  page Vowel A. An inscription of a Majhi Maraja is identified by S.Paranavitne as that of the Kshtriya families from Kataragama, South Sri Lanka is perhaps decendent of the Matsya  [ fish] clan. Related to the Buddha mother clan who migrated to the Island. This early inscription about the time of King Devenampiyatissa  has many Ma letters.


3. An early letter similar to the letters ofm 5 Cent BC  upto 2 cent BC  showm abve is found on a Fish tokens found at Tissamaharama Ruhuna is shown below



An example of the Sigiri Mirror wall script.


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