Letter G

1.The langauge of the early inscriptions  are Pure Sinhala only very few words belonging to Sanskrit , Pali or Tamil is used in later inscription .

2.The letter formed by two slanting line joining at top forming an acute angle  is taken as earlier than the Ga formed by a curve., this is so in a very early letter 700-600 BC found on pot-shred. This letter appears in Gamini which is found on many inscriptions as the Regal name the great Kings of ancient Sri Lanka. S Paranavitane has reasoned out that ‘ Maharajha Gamini Tisha’ and ‘Maharaja Gamani Tisasa ‘occurring in three inscription at Mihintale and Piccandiana in Puttlam District certainly refers to Devanam Piyatissa[ 307-267 BC],.[ IC Vol I  page liii, liv]. The inscriptions are not his , but one of his queen, another the queens sister and the chief physician of the King.The first is that of his wife at Mihintale.

His Queen sister inscription also  at Mihintale.

King’s Royal Physician Inscription  at Piccandiana.

4.Over 3500 inscriptions has survived the ravages of time and quarrying operations and that cannibalized  as material for house and fortress placed around the country by later invaders.


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