Story of Coin 100 BCRESTRUCK COINS

These Coins were found at Nindativu in Batticaloa district and published by DPE Hettiarchchi, they were found along with the Multi-symbol Elephant and Railed Swastika Coins.The coins having a Rectangular frame, were struck with a Female Figure which stands of the pericarp of eight petaled Lotus, Two  Elephants stand on Lotus stalks which arise on either side of the figure which are supported by the hand of the female figure. The two trunks of the Elephants forms an arch  and hold a pot over the female figure,Subsidiary symbols of the Sun and Moon, the standard turned upside down , in some coins the Throne symbol arranged as under.

The reverse of the Coin is a Railed Swastika and two Ankusha[ Elephant Goads] arranged as under.

He examined these coins and found that portions of symbols of the Multi-symbol Elephant and Railed Swastika Coins  were decipherable on the fabric of the rectangular body. The edges show sign of Chiseling in chopping off the round edges of the Multi-symbol Elephant andRailed  Swastika Coin.

Raja coinsRestruck Coins pictures



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