Queen Kalyanawati Meshi[ 1202-1208]

1.Kalyanavti was the Queen of Nissankamalle,  and ruled  after King Sahallamalle . She ruled for six years.

2.This coin was first published by OMR Sirisena in the 1990’s, recently another coin was discovered by Ruvan Fonseka also of the Sri Lankan Numismatists Society.

There is doubt about the reading of the second letter of second row under the Sri. The first letter is undoubtedly Ma .

This was interpreted as Kalyana or Kalana or ???. No expert has read this yet. So I am placing this for comments by experts on the Nagari used by the Sinhalese at the end of the  12 Cent AD.

The Indian Nagari joint letter Kl is below

The joint letter Ly is below.

Is the reading Sri  Ma T-kala Vati meshi.?

This coins was first read as under as shown at the Numismatist Society by Mr OMR Sirisena  as below.

Some Nagari script inscriptions found at Anuradhpura to get the idea of how the sinhalease wrote this script on their 9 cent AD inscriptions.

The letters Ka and La as found on gold Kalandas of Sri Lanka from 8-11 Cent AD.

a. The letter is question the third letter , was it a conjoint of  TaKa la as described by Mr OMR Sirisena?. This if so a conjoint made up of three letter s ? or 2 letters?.

The way conjoint constatnants are written in Deva-nagari in India with conjoints of Ka and other letters including double Ka is shown below for novices like me to solve this?.I Cannot find conjoints with Ta and Ka .These are those letters starting with Ka. If a Ta is placed in front what will it look like.??. Is there any body who could read this ?


One thought on “Queen Kalyanawati Meshi[ 1202-1208]

  1. how can I get a catalog of ceylon coins???

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