King Parakramabahu II AD 1236-1271


Para 14 Parakrama Bahu II AD 1236-1271. 

AE[ Copper]. Average of 100; Diameter,- 0.78 in; Weight ; 6.4 Grains Of 96 cleaned , 63.1 grains. A thin bur perfect specimen only weighs 48 grains Pl 84. Two quite unusually large brass coins have a diameter of 0.88 and 0.84 inch.

Legend ; Sri Para Krama Ba u.

Sri, vovel attached to or separated from the constanant or entirely absent.

Pa , with the left side fairly straight or dented and equal to Ya, The vertical is sometimes curved.

Ra, (1) projection slopes upwards either from the bottom of left hand vertical,or from a  point further up; it varies in length(20 It is at right angles to the vertical, which it leaves a quarter  or halfway up. The right angle to the vertical is either  straight or curved.

Kra, almost invariably correct; in Colo.Mus, no 71 the arms are separated from the vertical.

Ma , sometimes Ba presumably through a defect of the die.



The normal head are more numerous than in the coinage of the succeeding kings, but less than in that of Parakramabahu predecessor.  Heads (a) (1);b{1}, (2), (3) and (4); c(1) (3), (4), ( 5) and (ii) ( 1) occur. In some coins the flower in the obverse is separated into three distinct prongs


2 thoughts on “King Parakramabahu II AD 1236-1271

  1. Nice… Have one self, but only same on one side, and only 20 mm.
    Wondering if this is rare and what value?

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