13. Dharmmasoka Deva, A.D. 1208-1209.

AR.:” Massa.” Lowsley”.

Base metal :-

(a) White. Mr. P. E. Pieris has a coin of white metal weighing 59 grains; it is cast, and therefore spurious.

(b) AE. Average of 11 : Diameter, 0.80 inch ; weight, 65.9 grains. Of 27 cleaned 6l.3 grains. .Pl. 82.


Sri Dha rmma so ka De va.

The variation in letters shown are from Frank Lappa- Kings Of Kandy.

Srivowel usually joined. The Sha is similar to inverted English W, the centre stroke may be short or long. Note the Sha on the SRI on top row and the sha on the letter Sho [third row first letter] on Copper Massa shown above are very similar. The Sha on top row has a fork on right leg and vovel mark over the top curling to right to make the SRI sound.

.Dha, the loop is (1) at the bottom, or (2) further up the vertical

rmma, the two loops are (1) very unequal in size, or (2) equal or nearly so. In some the lower horizontal fine of one or both is missing, probably due to a defect in the die . The repha is rarely absent. It is formed in four ways : (l) The most common, by a short vertical stroke projecting from the upper line of the compound letter either at the second or third vertical or between ; (2) by a short stroke sloping to the left and springing from the second vertical ;(3) by a similar stroke, but sloping to the right springing from between the second and third vertical, and of varying length ; (4) by (a) a short upright stroke which rises between the first and second vertical and is bent to the right at right angles, (D) a similar stroke which starts from the same place and from which a long line slopes upward to the right over the remaining length-of the letter, and (c) by two lines similar to (l), but the sloping one is shorter, and the whole repha starts from the second vertical.

so, the letter is complete with the curl on the left, or it is defective ; the vowel marks are joined to or detached from the consonant.Notice that the centre stroke is botyhnshort and long.

ka is shorter or long.

Letterr De – The Vowel mark to left of Da

Va is sometimes partially or wholly crowded out.

The head is usually normal ; (c) (i) (2) and (3) and (ii) (l) and (2) are also found.The Srivatsa under arm, and flower held in hand and at end of lotus stalk is shown below.

Mr. Bell possesses a heavy piece weighing 77.2 grains, apparently cast. The metal is said to be a mixture of lokada and copper. The diameter is 0.80 inch, and the thickness 0.7 inch.

The only known eighth of this king is in the same cabinet, and is described in the Indian Antiquary, 1895, p. 332. The head is normal. The coin is of the same type as the eighth of Parakrama Bahu I, but with the legend ; Sri Dharmmasoka Deva.

The Sri has the vowel separate; the Dha is as (2); the mma apparently has equal loops with Repia ( l) ; the so is perfect with detached vowel marks, and. the Visarya is absent. The coin is worn, and weighs 7.8 grains, Pl. 83.

Dharmmasokadeva One Eight Massa.


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