There are 3 images of King Nissankamalle.

1.The above is a drawing of the engraving at Sri Pada[ Adam Peak], next to his inscription.[Nissankamalle-1998-Mendis  Rohanadeera].The inscription is in sinhalese reads’ Nissanka Parakramabahu trivarthi Swaminwahase padala sandavenda Vedasitinayo>

2. The second is at Dambulla caves.

3. Local belief that the a Bodhisatva statue at Pollonnaruva is an image of him.

King No 144. NISSANKA MALLA  (Kirti Sri Nissanka) – A Kalinga Prince, –  A king of great energy and achievement who devoted much during his short reign of nine years to achieve internal reforms. He reduced taxation and eradicated robbery based on the concept that they who steal do so because of need and provided the people with every necessity. He also built beautiful mansions and temples. Improvements were made to to the Rankot Vihara by building a number of profusely ornamental chapels around it. He had two  chief queens. One a Kalinga Princess named Subadhra and the other was Queen Kalyanavati.A coin of Queen Kalyanavati was published by Mr OMR Sirisena in 1994, another coin ws discovered in a hoard of Dambediya coins by Mr Ruvan Fonseka in 2011.

Dr Paranavitane believes that he is from Sri Pura Kalinga in Malaysia, Mr Rohandeera bring strong evidence in favour

KING NISSANKAMALLA. Council Chamber and Lion Throne  at Polonnaruva

King Nissanka[ dauntless]malla[Warrior]. The seating position are marked  on the pillars of his famous Council Chamber at Polonnaru is shown to the left.This was the  equivalent of the  present Parliament of Sri Lanka. The order of precedence was the King occupied the Lion throne,  Facing him to the right was His heir apparent. Next to him on the right was the seats for the Royal princes- Epas. Immediately  after on the right is the Commander-in Chief of the Armed Forces- Senevirad. Left is Regional Governors in Charge of Agampadi the inner security. Behind the Army Commander were the seats of the principal dignitaries, etc. 

CHAPTER VI-HW CODRINGTON- COINS & CURRENCY OF CEYLON-1924. Continued from Chapter VI ParakramabahuI Coins Para No 8

MEDIAEVAL DAMBEDENIYA KASI(contd from Parakramabahu I)

9. Nissanka Malla, A.D. 1187-1196.

Silver Massa.

A silver Massa was shown to me by Lalith Radella of the Society.

Silver Nissankamalle

Base metal of two varieties:-

(a) White metal. Of 16, the average diameter is 0 .79 inch, and the weight 56.l grains ; the havies being 61.2.

(b) AE, corroding black. PL 78, Average diameter of four is 0.81 inch, and weight 61.5 grains. One specimen once gilt weighs 72.7 grains

On all the legend is : Sri Kale(m) ga La(m) Keja.This apparently is meant for Sri Kalinga Lamkendra ,the signature of the Doratiyawe tudupota.The Sinhalese form Kalingu lakinduin this king’s Hetadage portico slab inscription (EZ II 84)

               Sri,   –  the vowel is attached or separate.

               Ka,   – the consonant sometimes has a forked end i.e.’ kra

               le,     –  the vertical is sometimes curved at the bottom to the right, and the vowel is attached or separate.

               ga   –  the vertical varies as in le

le-      As above

               ke,   –  the vowel is a straight or somewhat curved line, attached or separate, The consonant occasionally has a forked foot,

               ja,   –   normal, with the right arm short and slightly bent down ; (2) as (1), but the arm straight ; (3) as (1)but the left arm has no curve ; (4) as (3), but the right arm is long and carried down almost in a line with the vertical ; (5) as (4), but the tendency is still more developed so that the letter resembles ta ; (6) in a few specimens’ the? right arm is entirely missing ; (7) as (4) or (5) but the left arm is carried in a sweep halfway up the letter.

In a solitary coin of the white is found .

The disposition of the legend falls into two classes, one in which the right hand aksharas are on the same level as those on the left, the other where they are higher. These classes occur in most of the coins of series I . The heads are normal.


24 thoughts on “COINS OF NISSANKAMALLE [ A.D. 1187-1196 ]

  1. what could be the current value of these coins?

    • A Nissankamalle and Chodaganga Coins are rare,, worth from Rs 7-10,000 depending on the condition. Othernormal Dambdeniya coins are worth 200/ as so many are found.

  2. Thank you so much. I have a collection of old coins and I am trying to identify them. The ones I have identified are
    1. Dutch struviers- Colombo ( 1793), Trinco, Galle
    2. Dutch wreath struviers 1/4
    3 Dutch Ceylon Chinese coins ( 1660-91)
    4 British Ceylon coins ( including marked ’94’ + elephant)
    5.Pandyan ( 833-853) coins
    6. ? Lakshmi coin
    7. Other Dutch VOC marked coins

    Are you able to give me a rough value of them too?

    Thanks once again

    D. Joseph

    • Please send scans of coins to Dr Kavan Ratnatunga who knows about these coins. His e-mail is

    • Dear I need to find some coins do you have them

      • There are Copper, white metal and silver Coins of Nissankamalle and Chodaganga. They are fairly rare or very rare, But if you are lucky , you can getthem. I bought one off a vendor at Anuradapura, a Chodaganga Copper for Rs 200, a 20 years back.Mr Fred Medis has a few coins , I wonder if he will sell them. You could come for the Coin society meeting at Royal Asiatic Society HQ, Green path on the Third Sunday at 2 PM. He may be there, You could ask him.

  3. Dear I need to find Chodaganga & Nissankamalla massa do you know any one has those coins

    • I have a Nissankamalla massa. I am looking to sell it.

      • Send image of it

      • Do you have an e-mail address available? I’m not sure how to post it on here. I created a word press blog if that helps. I put images on there

      • I hope you can see it via wordpress. If not, I will send you all images and details of it by email

      • The two coins are Sri Ra Ja Li La Va Ti, they look silver/. She was the Queen of Parakramabahu I , she had three reigns.

      • Thank you. You wouldn’t happen to know anyone liking for one of these do you? I understand it’s a very rare coin and its value. How I got this coin is a great story however only recently have I been able to really learn about it. Through the attempt to educate myself on it I’ve found out the passion some have for this coin and its history. I am interested in historic American currency and events. I just started to think that this coin it’s much more suited for a person with the passion for its history like I have for American currency. My daughter and I have quite the collection going and shes becoming as much of a history nerd as her dad. So I am looking to sell it to allow us to maybe take a trip and add to our collection and memories. If there is any interest please let me know. Thanks for your time and knowledge of the coin. I find your page very interesting!

      • What metal is the Coin made of, the copper coin is very common and reqadily available

      • Silver. I am currently getting the coin authenticated.

      • Lilavati was the Queen of King parakramabahu I. She reigned thrice after his death, with few Kings coming in between. These coins are rare, the coins looks genuine. I have one. Thanks for sharing

      • Are you sure it’s silver?? This is the 1st time I hired about Silver leelawathi coin. Can anyone help me???

      • There are many of them , There were two for sale at

        Please contact her. I know that silver Massa were issued by VijayabahuI, ParakramabahuI,Nissankamalle, Lilavati, Dhrmasoka Deva, Shasamalle Parakaramabahu II

      • Yes I am sure, I had it sent to be authenticated and and x-ray test done to determine the medal it is made of. The results came back silver. It is a coin I am looking to sell so if you yourself or you know of anyone else looking to purchase one let me know and we can exchange contact information. Thanks.

      • I will put your email on to the Numismatist society, you can place it sale on the web.Perhaps any body interested will contact you.

      • What is your expected price???

  4. What is the value of Parakramabahu 1/8 and Lion parakrama?

    • During the recent excavations of Central Cultural Fund, many 1/8 massa was found, while of other Kings and Queen the full Massa was found.Perhaps the reason was perhaps that the buying power of it was high during the period of issue. The price of a good copy is about Rs 5000/ according to my estimate

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