Coins of King Vijaya bahu IV-AD 1271-1273

Vijeya Bahu IV AD 1271-1273.

AE . Average of 86 : Diameter, 0.75 inch ; weight , 62.8 grains. Of cleaned, 62.7 grains. PL 85.

Legend; Sri Vije YaBa Hu.

Sri as in Parakramabahu II.

Vi , the vowel consists of a curved line attached to the letter, or a detached, straight, curved, or wavy line to its Left. It is also a straight line attached to the letter, which thus reads Ve. Sometimes it is a curved line unattached on the right , or the normal form of Vi. Rarely it is Va, the vowel straight or curved at the bottom. On one or two coins the vowel appears to be absent. Consonant V sometimes has the vertical curved.

Ja , the vertical line sometimes crosses the curved line of the arms and approaches Ka. The left arm sometimes sweeps to the left.

Ya , the vertical is straight or curved.

Ba is sometimes long ; it occasionally seems to read ma.

Hu the tail often appears to the right, but is sometimes absent. On some coins more of the body of this letter is shown than on others. On a very small series reading Sri Vejaya Bahu,the Sri having the vowel unattached and the Hu being large, an additional small dot appears under the left hand on the obverse. The same occurs rarely in the coins of Parakrama Bahu II –

The normal heads are few. Those usually occurring are (a) (l) and (2), (b) (l), and (c) (i)


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