Parakramabahu copper massas and eight massas were found at Kotavehera in a relic chamber along with the Gold and white metal coins of King Vijayabahu during excavations in 1969 CE Godakumbura.


Series I

8. Parakrama Bahu [A.D. 1153-1186].

AR : Massa“and “half Massa” of unrefined silver, but without much alloy, and apparently case (Lowsley). Base metal :

(a) White metal. A coin in the collection of Mr. P. E. Pieris is of a white colour, and at first sight appears to be of silver, but is of base metal washed. It has a diameter of 0.78 inch, and a weight of 52.8 grains ; it is broken. Another of the same metal and appearance was found at Allaippiddi in the Jaffna peninsula ; it is 0.76 inch in diameter, and weighs 62 grains. Pl. 75.

egend ; Sri Parakrama Bahu.
  Sri-      lacks the vowel ; it has a small projection to the left, as in some pieces of Vijaya Bahu I

 Pa–         is small;the left side is curved straight

ra–          projection starts upwards from bottom of the vertical stroke.

Kra,      unusually long ; the forked ends at the bottom are curved, in which respect they resemble the formation on the eighths.

The letters of the last line are over the bead circle, the

B a  –      being pushed down from its alignment by the long kra.


The head is normal.

(b) Black. Almost certainly of the same white metal as Nissanka Malla’s issues. It is identical with the last described, but on the reverse in lieu of the makuta is a tuft. It is in excellent preservation with a fine black patina.Diameter :0.80 in. Weight : 62.9 gr. PI.76.



 9(c). The following are eighths. They are of copper corroding either black or a dark green or brown;one has a whitish sheen :-

      1. Obv. : In bead circle, the usual standing figure on lotus stalk

        1. Rev. : In similar circle, legend in three lines under a conch shell pointing to r. legend in Sinhla Nagari

                                                                     Sri Parakrama Bahu

            1. The diameter is 0.4 inch.        Pl 77

L.M.C.,IXXXI,2 8.5 Fair
Colo.Mus,77 6.7 Good
MadrasMuseum5.1 5.5 Broken
H.C.P.B 8.7. Good
H.W.C. 7.2 Fair
H.W.C 7.6 Fair

In the legend ,

Sri lacks the vowel ;

Pa is as on the whole piece ;

ra is also the same, or the projection start some what higher; ; also as ra (3) of Lilavati ;

Kra has splay feet as on the whole piece, but is shorter ;


ma as usual or the lower horizontal stroke slopes down to its junction with the vertical

Ba is often ra .

The head is normal.

Fractional Pieces.

The Gold, Silver, Copper large coins, half Massa, Quater Massa, One eighth Massa and the sixteenth of a massa has be recorded.


3 thoughts on “COINS OF KING PARAKRAMABAHU I [A.D. 1153-1186].

  1. I found one of these coins when i went to polonnaruwa. And i was wondering if i could put this for sale. How much would it cost now?

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