A few inscriptions indicted on granite pillars give an insight to the Military History of the period of  King Dapula IV. One important Military Responsibility and Rank that went with it was that of the Commander of Reservoir Guard.In his book Inscription of Ceylon Volume V Part II, Dr GS Ranawella states

1.The Pillar Inscription at Atavaragollava  relates

a. That King Dappula’s father  King Sena II assailed and achieved victory over the Pandyan  Kingdom on his Ninth year of reign.

b. The officials who has been instrumental is promulgating the edit all had Military Titles or Commanders.

i. Mekappar [ Bodyguard]Tambagamu-

ii. Mekappar[Bodyguard] Tisa-vehera Singi

Who came by the commission of the Mekappar and Tala Arakka Vaduram [ The Commander of the Body guard and the Commander of the reservoir Guard.

2. The Giritale Pillar Inscription a Kitalna who was a Commander of the Bodyguard [ Mekappar Vadarum ] and Guardian of Reservoirs [Tala Arak  ].

A thousand year later, a Reservoir Guard Regiment was formed to counter the threat posed by the LTTE. A Dam burst had the power of a Atom Bomb to wipe out few hundred  square miles . Did King Dappula expect an enemy to breach tanks or watch for natural causes or lack of maintenance.Bursting water resovoirs and causing damages to enemy has been an tactics used by`the British during WW II against Germany. They the English did lay waste most the Dams which provided water to irrigate Rice in Sri Lanka during the early early 19 th Century to starve out the Sinhalese.

Ataviragollava Inscription.

Ataviragollava Inscription.



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