Ancient Sinhalese Numerals with a Dot within it?.

Dot inside Numeral and Abbrevations for Kariha and Kahapanas.

Despite many inscription been exposed to he element for over thousand eight hundred years, Dots placed within the Numeral or the abbreviation for kariha or Kahapanas are clearly seen. Few example are from Dakkina Stupa Inscription, Situlapavu inscription, Abeyagiri Inscriptions, Palumekichave Inscription and Dabulla Inscription.

The Numerals and Script of the ancient Sinhalese look similar. Was the dot placed  to indicate that these symbols were to instantly identified  as Numerals or Abbreviations ?, and  they were to not to  be treated as  letters of the Sinhalese  alphabet. The presence of  dot indicated  such symbols  as abbreviations or symbols for numbers.

A similar  symbols on Sri Lankan coins  have identified as the Triratna/ Nandpadi or Taurine symbol too in some cases contain  a dot. This too look like the  ancient Sinhalese letter Ma. Was this symbol with a dot  a triratna / Nandapadi/.. or was it to be read as a Numeral placed on coins and hence a value to the coin??. There is insufficient data at present to make any opinion.

Artifacts found at Tissa in shape of Fish.

Four such item dug up by gem-miners at Tissamaharama, now  in my collection has interesting Ma like symbols. The Ma is similar to a very early in the second coin the other side which is also shown below it. The third coins  there is a single letter , a  Ma like symbol , which may quite possibly be a Numeral 10[ 10 % chance]. The chance this type of token has been in circulation as currency is also 10 %, and  not yet accepted by Numismatists , as they did in Olbia , early Greek Colony Island in the early days of coins history. So the Chance are down to 1 % .


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