1. Honestly, when I first opened this page up, I expected the Indian numeral system to be the norm even in SL. This was truly a surprising post. what of the mathematical symbols like additions, subtractions, maybe…percentages?

    • https://sirimunasiha.wordpress.com/about/situlpavu-inscription-no-1/

      I know of two arithmetical Additions problems were placed on ancient inscriptions, those of Situlpavu and Kasimotte. Please go the above link, I have not come across any symbols to indicate addition etc. But on multiplication Sata Kala Sahasa is mentioned on an inscription which mean seven time hundred, Perhaps ancient books may indicate this. I am no good in Pali etc. Please read about Pirivana Elementary education system , I have not done it so far.The elementary education for Royal Kids is laid down, which includes arithmetic. Worth studying

      • Also read about accounting systems placed on inscription as early as 3 Cent AD, where the expenditure and income has to be recorded on leaf and added up and difference recorded etc. Its all arithmetic. Its on my blog

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