A Claim for Kingship on a Rock Inscription?

Read Mahawansa about the reign and the incidents that leads to King Vahaba obtaining the King Ship of Sri Lanka between [126-170 AD]. How and why Vahaba was accepted as a King  or his pedigree is not properly explained in any Chronical that were written two centuries later. The tradition from inscriptions is that they had to be of royal blood, in this case it was for seven generations.

Legal Right to Kingship

This legal right to kingship of Sri Lanka was not only the blood connections on the Male side of royalty,it was equally important that the parentage of the mother Queen, she had to be Sujata– a lineage of at least 7 generations of Ksatriya blood, as the mother of the Buddha. Perhaps the reason why King Dutugemunu son Prince Saliya did not get the kingship, for marrying a non-ksatriya lady, Asokamali.There are few coins inscribed ” sujatha putra Tisaha….” Raja Wickemasinghe Collection No A 38


There is a belief that King Vahaba issued coins with the Standing Bull on them.


There are three inscription of King Sabha whome king Vahaba disposed, including the one mentioned above at Kaduru-vava [ No  39 Inscription of Ceylon Vol II]about his pedigree. The large number of  inscription of same volume about Vahaba and his generation of Kings. Amoung them is the one linking King Vahaba sons marraige to  King Subha daughter No 65 at Vilavila, linking satements made in the Mahwansa.

A summery of the inscription made by in the Archeological Dept’s Commemorative Series Volume Two by AS Hettiarachci and transalated into English by Premalal Kumarasiri is shared below.

a.For further reading please Click on Wilavila Inscription and Palu-Mekkichahva Inscription.


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