Kahapanas of Sisunaga’s and the Nine Nanda’s[410-320 BC]

Gupta & Hardekar allocates the silver PMC’s of the Series IV to the period of the Sisunaga and his sons Kalasoka and to the Nine Nandas. The names of these kings of who ruled in North India appear of our ancient Texts the Mahavansa and Dipavansa and the highlights of their reigns are compared with the comtemporary King of Sri Lanka. Sisunaga was a Minister of the Court who disposed last of the Adjasattu Dynasty. They is turn was disposed by the Nandas who expanded the territory of the Empire after Alexander conquest of the Indus region.

This page will identify the coins of these series which is divided into IV a,b ,c, and d that were found in Sri Lanka. The coins shown below are those identified from Coins of the Colombo and Anuradhapura Museums, those of the members of the Numismatist Society of Sri Lanka available to me.



A few coins of this series is reorded in Sri Lanka.


Henry Parker published few PMC’s in 1909, some of these are of series IV d.

Nandas- GH Type 402

H Parkers Series IV d Coins

GH 405

GH Type 424

GH Type 425

The Series IV d list of coins are shown below, the first list contains the kahapanas with Dog on five arched mountain. This is the commonest of the coin found in the Island and these are placed in a separate Class No XXXI with in the series IV d.The other common symbol that collectors should look for are the Frog, the Bull and the Elephant.The reference column shows the coins found in Sri Lanka.

The next Classes XXXII, XXXIII, XXXIV and XXXV in this series is found in the Island, those coins are shown below. The Characteristic Third symbol of XXXII is the Tree on a Mountain,The Class XXXXIII is Bull on a Mountain. The coins found in Sri Lanka is shown below.


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