Coins of King Codaganga, A.D. 1196-1197

CODANAGA  1196-1197 AD – Nephew of Nissanka Malla –Regent No 147.  Ruled for nine months and was deposed by the General Senevirat who placed Queen Lilavati, one of the queens of King Parakrama Bahu I, on the throne.

CHAPTER VI-HW CODRINGTON- COINS & CURRENCY OF CEYLON-1924. Continued from Chapter VI para 9 King Nissankamalle Coins

10. Codaganga, c, A.D. 1196-1197

(a) Base metal washed in silver; in the specimen in the possession of Mr. P. E. Pieris the thin coating of silver is distinctly visible. Diameter : 0.76in. Weight : 55.4 gr. Slightly broken

(b) White of the same metal as that of Nissanka Malla weight 59.8 grains ; the heaviest being 64.5. Mr. Bell has a thicker weight of 75.6 grains. P1.79.

Legend : Sri Coda ga (m)ga Deva.

Sri,  – with vowel attached or separate or without vowel.

Co,   – vowel marks attached or separate; the central triangle of the consonant is usually in lower relief than the rest..

ga(m)ga,   – occasionally ra ra.

The visarga is always absent, The head is usually nornal ; in one the vertical line is missing.


2 thoughts on “Coins of King Codaganga, A.D. 1196-1197

  1. I found one codaganga coin last week with a bulk of mixed coins also found 10 Darmashoka once (Rs. 100 each). Need to confirm weather it’s a original one. How can I attach the scaned picture??

    • These coins are found in large quantities, only the Central Bank has to pay and get replica’s, Forgeries is an hobby of some. They are easier to buy than to make copies. I have given away many to small kids and friends. Please send scans and send to

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