The Position of Earth relative to the Planets and Constellation in the Zodiac at the time/date of birth of Siddhartha Gautama.


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The birth of the Buddha is the most important event for the Buddhist in Sri Lanka, they celebrate this on the full moon day Wesak . All important  event are illustrated in sculptures at Sanchi vihare, India.

The horoscope of a person is worked out from the time of his birth. This time is a Universal time and is indicated by the angles of  the positions of the Moon , the Sun  and the Planets in relation to Zodiac. Most Sri Lankan has this unique document written on Talipot leafs, as their ancestors did. One of these unique  birth certificates was published by Sandadas Coperahewa. If I am not mistaken he was a famous teacher  of St Thomas College Mt lavania along with other Sinhala Scholars Pinto Jayawardane , Arisen Ahubudu and Vinni Vitharane, when I joined from Gurutalawa in 1956. He published it in the Sunday Times Sunday May 18  2008. I have the pleasure  to share this very valuable story written by Mr Coperahewa.

I had a photo of old hela havula of STC, pardon me for placing it in the name of an old master.hela havula STC

This a about a Poem or Riddle poem which  Mr Coperahewa  heard in 1954 during a doctrinal riddle poem discussion. The poem is given below with its English translation.

Mr Coperahewa has explained the riddle  and to understand and appreciate the poem and it references one has  be aware of the Zodiacal signs and their significance as planetary symbols.He explain this as below.Queen Mayadevi, the mother of Buddha been led to the Lumbini Uyana- excavated at Jetwana Vihare, Anuradhapura- 2 Cent AD.

Aries is Ram . In the sixth line is referred to a Elu galakaya or Ram-fold.

Taurus is bull.

Gemini is Twins

Cancer is Carb in the verse in Sinhala is Kakulu .This is the smallest group of stars in the Zodiac lying between  Gemini and Leo.

Leo is Lion

Virgo is Virgin

Libra is  Balancing Scales, is the seventh sign of the Zodiac. This small constellation is in the southern hemisphere lying between  Virgo and Scorpio.This is reffered to “Badu Kiruva Velanda Sale” [ The Goods were weighed at the Market place]

Scopia is Scorpion.

Sagittarius is Archer

Capricorn has the forelegs of a Goat and the Tail of a Shark. This is lying between Sagittarius and Aquarius. Hence the Mora vale the Shark pit.

Aquarious is Water bearer, in the fourth line referred to a Pot or Kale

Pisces is Fish. Referred as under a shoal of fish in fifth line.

Sun is dines or Iru is the sixth line.

Moon known in the poem is known as Handa-hami. The moon is the most important  of  the celestial bodies. The Sinhala calendar is  largely based on the Moon  and its phases.

Jupiter– In the poetic and linguistic values contain in the verse. Guru-hami in the first line refers Amaraguru, the Preceptor of Immortals, who discovered the Planet Brahaspathi or planet Jupiter.

Mars  in the verse is referred to as Rathu Hami , the red planet, as an aggressive rowing type –“ dabara kara-kara”.

Saturn– known in the fourth line as Kalu-hami or black art or magic. According to astrology Saturn produces a cold, gloom temperament, and is by extension signifies life’s less pleasant realities. The word nondi or limping may suggest the Buddhist ring system, the ever changing circle of cause and effect.

Venus –the Goddess of Love known as manamalaya[the bride groom].

Mercury is Nanawathi   in the sixth line which is Buda .

This riddle works out to a Horoscope Chart is given by Mr Coperahewa is below.

At the time of birth of Prince Sidhartha Gautama at Lumbini Garden in India.

1. Jupiter was in the Asterism of Cancer.

2. The Moon was in the Asterism of Libra.

3. Planet Mars was in the asterism of Capricorn.

4. Planet Saturn was in the asterism of Aquarius.

5.Planet Venus was in the asterism of Pisces.

6. Mercury was in the asterism of Aries.

7. From the outskirts , hosts of Gods and Brahmas gathered in mirth.

8. On such a date and time , there took place our father’s birth.

The Horoscope chart as drawn by Mr Coperahewa according to the ancient customs is shown below.

The horoscope according to the present days is.

The predictions according to the Jayathilake Ambuwangala is in Sinhala


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