Mr HW Codrington published this table in 1924,but even before the book was published he added a new find[ see Supplement Chapter V page 243].Most new finds since then was published by Mr OMR Sirisena in 2001. This is an attempt to up date Mr HW Codrington’s table.

The types of gold kalandas of Sri Lanka is listed below

Type and fraactios of Kalandas of Gold.The  design of this coin which continued to be used for 600 years, with a few changes in the symbols

The  types are distingusihed by the difference of the symbols on the reverse and the bverse faces of the coin.The Obverse of the coin differs according to the Type. The type I obverse si described below. The left hand of the figure facing front is bent to the Hip. There is always a a crescent Moon at 1-o-clock at forehead level of teh standing figure in type I coins

In the Type II and III coins the left arm is raised and hold a symbol, the name of this symbol is first part of the name now given to a particular Coin type.

The difference in design determines the 3 types of coins as suggested by HW Codrington.

The reverse of the coin has a seated figure hovering over a kosthagara.The left hand holds an object or a symbol, the name for this symbols is now used to to identify coin different coins of Type I, these are shown below.

The  coins of type I showing the Obverse and reverse of the coin is shown below

The type II coins are slightly different design.

a.The main difference on the obverse  is that the left hand of the standing figure is lifted up and hold a symbol at eye level of the figure. The name of this symbols form th second part of the given name  for a coin type.

b.The other difference is that these is no Lamp or tree symbol to the left of the figure. This is so except in rare coins which may be hybrid between Type I and II.

c. There is variations on the reverse is mainly the symbol held in the hand.

d. These are difference in the Finials at the end of the Lotus stalk .

The design of type II is below

The seven type of Type II coins can be further sub-divided into groups .2adahandaandlotus_variations


The difference in the three types


Type III , there are two types.3typethree_symbols