SAHASA MALLA[1200-1202]

The main symbols are the Standing Figure on the obverse and  a Seated Figure on the reverse.Many other symbols are placed around these two figures.On the obverse held in the left hand is Srivatsa, underneath it is a chank joined to a Lotus stalk which is under the figure. A flower [ Picha Mala] is at the on the lotus stalk under the left hand side of figure. Above this is four Golas and a Disc.[ These look similar but of different size]. The left hand holds a Picha mala.

The seated figure, the throne or Asana is not seen as on coins of Vijayabahu I etc, but hold a Chank in left hand.

A Total of 8 symbols, perhaps forms an Astamangala.

The Seated Figure. Many interpretations are given, A King, Vishnu, Kubera etc.

A Seated Figure on an Intaglio from Ruhuna- Ruvan Fonseka

Large numbers of these coins are found through out the country.  Although the reign was two years, the coin inscribed Sri Matsahasamalle out number most of the other coins of Queen lilavati,Kings  Parakramabahu[ mainly the eight Massa] and Dhrammasoka deva found during the excavations of done by the Cultural triangle in Pollonnaruva.

King no 149. SAHASSA MALLA 1187-1189 AD – King Nissanka Malla’s younger brother – Ruled for two years. He was deposed by Ayasmantha, the chief of the army, who placed Kalyanavati, the queen of the late King Nissanka Malla, on the throne.Though the short reign a comparatively large numbers of coins are found almost in every part of the Island. Many were excavated during the Central Cultural fund excavations.

CHAPTER VI-HW CODRINGTON- COINS & CURRENCY OF CEYLON-1924. Continued from Chapter VI para 10. Chodagaganga

AR.: “ Massa. ” (Lowsley).

Base metal :-

(a) White, of the same metal as that of Nissanka Malla. Diameter : 0.82 inch. Weight : 55.8 grains.

(b) AE. : Average of 100 : Diameter,0.79 inch ; weight, 68 grain. Of 112 cleaned 64 grain PL 81 Legend ; Sri mat-Sa hasa Malla

Sri., vowel attached or separate.

ma., occasionally ba, probably due to worn die.

t-sa, . with or without the small projecting t.

ha., occasionally more completely formed by a downward turn of the lower horizontal line ; sometime there is a small vertical stroke from the right hand top corner of the letter.

Ma.,as .ma. above

lla, . or occasionally. la.

We thus have four variations of the legend :

(1)Sri mat Sa ha sa Ma lla ;

(2) Sri mat Sa ha sa Ma la ;

(3) Sri ma Sa ha sa Ma lla ;

(4) Sri ma Sa ha sa Ma la.

The head is usually normal ; (c) (i)( 1) and (2) occur.

A unique coin with legend (2) is in Mr. Bells cabinet It is apparently mad of lokada and copper; is cast, as once gilt. It weighs 82 grains, and has a diameter of 0.78 inch, and a thickness of 0.07 inch.


3 thoughts on “SAHASA MALLA[1200-1202]

  1. Hi

    What is the value of the above coin? Since it is over 1000 years old is it very valuable? I have 2 of these coins, one is the same as above and the other is very similar.

    I live in Australia and before I took this take this to a museum I thought I’d check with you.

    Your response in this matter will be much appreciated.



    • The Sahassamalle coin is found in large numbers and is not a rare coin and has mainly historical value.Hold on to it. Please send a scan of coins I will identify i for you, but the thrill is in identifying it your self, my pages may be of assisstance. Enjoyed replying. Happy New Year.

    • Kevin.
      A coin of Sahassamalle has been sold on the web , please see details below.
      I hope this will give you an idea what it worth , but Shasamaale is found in fair quantities in SL.
      I dont agree that this has a Chola Style, All its symbols etc were from those of the Gold Kalanda from about 8 Cent AD. The Cholas who came here 11 Cent did make coin of same design[It is called Ceylon style]

      SRI LANKA, Singhalese kingdom: Sahasa Malla (1200-02) AE kahavanu.SUPERB!

      Obverse King seated right with left arm raised, 4-line Nagari legend below arm: Sri / man Sa / hasa / Malla
      Reverse Standing king, lamp at left, globes at right
      Date 1200-1202
      Weight 4.12 gm.
      Diameter 20 mm.

      Die axis 7 o’clock
      Reference MNI 840-841
      Comments Although the style of this coin reflects Chola origins, it belongs to the period after the Singhalese were able to wrest back control of Sri Lanka from the Cholas. A SUPERB specimen!

      US$ 25.00 € 19.07
      £ 15.94
      AUD$ 23.70
      CHF 22.97
      CAD$ 25.14
      Rates for 1/30/2012

      Sorry, this item has been sold.

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