This unique grant was given to the highest Military Officer of Rohona by Vijeyabahu I [ 1058-1114 AD] who brought him up and helped the king to restore Sinhalese Sovereignty after the Island had been subjected to the Cholas for 50 years.

The interesting feature is the grant of Privileges to the Family of Lord Budul.It states that no descendants of his will be subjected be punished by fine, imprisonment or confiscation of land, Even if they were guilty of having committed a capital offense, they were to be pardoned up to three times. They were to be granted amnesty even in the case of treason.

King Vijebahu was considered a Buddha to be or a future Bodhisattva. Only leaders having these qualities ruled Sri Lanka.

More reading on web under budal_vijayabahu

This is from the Daily New Wednesday, June 1 , 1949 and later published by Ceylon Observer Sept 02, 1990.    


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