12. A similar but smaller coin was found near the Thuparama at.,Anuradhapura with plaques (J.R A S CB., XIX, No 58, 1907).
Obv.: Elephant as on the large coins filling the lower half of the die; above it symbol a with projection beneath ; two dots to left of elephant’s head and of symbol. The right lower part of the coin is obliterated and broken ; but it is clear that that there was no tree or swastika; .and so probably no caitya.
Rev. : Symbols a, b, c. The die is of the flan, leaving a margin on the left. It is estimated that a little over one-sixth or even more is missing ; the full weight would, therefore, be about 19.3 grains.
Diameter : 0.57 in. Weight : 16.1 gr.

13 The three following are from Vallipuram, in the Jaffna peninsula :
(i) Obv. : Elephant standing, 1., trunk pendent, in single line frame.
Rev. : In similar frame railed swastika. revolving r. Pl. 10 Rectangular. Size : 0.53 x 0.43 in. Weight :24.7 gr. Broken. Pieris, XIV, 20. Size : 0.41 x 0.41 in. Weight : 15.8 gr.

(ii) As last, but elephant to r. Rectangular. Size : 0.43 x 0.41 in. Weight : 12.1 gr. Broken.
In the large circular coins the size seems to bear no relation to the weight. The average of the be better preserved pieces is about 260 grains.


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