12. A similar but smaller coin was found near the Thuparama at.,Anuradhapura with plaques (J.R A S CB., XIX, No 58, 1907).
Obv.: Elephant as on the large coins filling the lower half of the die; above it symbol a with projection beneath ; two dots to left of elephant’s head and of symbol. The right lower part of the coin is obliterated and broken ; but it is clear that that there was no tree or swastika; .and so probably no caitya or arched hill.
Rev. : Symbols a, b, c. The die is of the flan, leaving a margin on the left. It is estimated that a little over one-sixth or even more is missing ; the full weight would, therefore, be about 19.3 grains.
Diameter : 0.57 in. Weight : 16.1 gr.

13 The three following are from Vallipuram, in the Jaffna peninsula :
(i) Obv. : Elephant standing, 1., trunk pendent, in single line frame.
Rev. : In similar frame railed swastika. revolving r. Pl. 10 Rectangular. Size : 0.53 x 0.43 in. Weight :24.7 gr. Broken. Pieris, XIV, 20. Size : 0.41 x 0.41 in. Weight : 15.8 gr.

(ii) As last, but elephant to r. Rectangular. Size : 0.43 x 0.41 in. Weight : 12.1 gr. Broken.

In the large circular coins the size seems to bear no relation to the weight. The average of the be better preserved pieces is about 260 grains.

Placement of Symbols on the faces of coin.


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