Tilaks or Bindhus or Dot on Ancient Sri Lankan Coins


Dots , single, three or four appear on ancient Sri Lankan coins. They may appear as decorative items or may be just to fill a space or may have served as an icon.. What ever these seems to be characteristic feature of most ancient pieces found in the Island. The Three Dots appears on the Large Elephant and Railed swastika, the Tree and Swastika and the Lion and Railed Swastika pieces. The Single dot appears inside a Triangle  on the reverse of small Rectangular Bull type pieces. The three or perhaps four dot appear in a circle on The Mahasen Lion pieces and the larger rectangular Bull pieces.This seems to be a standard, some of them are worn and missing in some coins. There seems to be some sort of regularity and conforms to a basic specification of the artist that engraved the dies, prior to manufacture of these pieces. Few examples are shown below.

Nobody has given a satisfactory answer why these Dots were placed on ancient coins of Sri Lanka. But the seem to be a unique characteristic of these pieces. But these Marks  were recognized symbols of the Silver Punch Mark Coins of India much used in the Island.Some of them from the Gupta & Hardekar Table of symbols are shown below.

The Dots were known as Tilaks or Bindhus by the ancients. They represent the starting Point in all shapes. The point has no dimensions but it still exists . A dot or tilak is the seed of language expressed by sound , and so its is this finale of the highest attainment


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