In primitive societies men batered or exchanged one article against an other.The invention of coins was developed by stages.An intermediate step as a means of exchange was when the man who chipped the axe out of flint exchanged them with a hunter or food gatherer.The next step was perhaps when knifes was first made of Iron, they were exchanged for others articles. Similarly Fish, Cattle and Sea shell[Cowries] etc was used as a means of exchange by variuos societies. Evidence of a later stage in the development of money where smaller replicas of Knife and metal Cowires were fabricted due to a shortage of sea cowires in China.Small replicas of Fish is found in ancient Greek fishing villages[Olbia]. There is evidence through-out the ancient world of different artcles of varied objects were used as a means of exchange . This was before the invention of money coined in Silver or copper of a accepted weight and size.

Evidence of early transactions in Sri Lanka .

Prehistory of Sri Lanka-SU Deraniyagala- Addendum III

(a)Batalonda Cave at Kitulagala. Dr Siran Deraniyagala excavated perforated sea shells that were carried inland to Kitulgala by the inhabitants of the Island 15,000 years ago.The possibility of these been exchaged for other goods cannot be ruled out.
(b)Gedige Excavation 1969. Dr Deraniyagala has C14 dated a layers of earth where to 2000-3000 BC where many stone tools and stone flakes were found. The presence of the flakes indicate production of stone tools.This evidence of specialiasation in the manufacture of stone tools that was possibly exchanged for other goods.


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